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Stop foreclosure with bankruptcy.

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Second Mortgage? Need to Stop a foreclosure action? We can help, and we can help fast.
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Your 401(k) and or IRA accounts will be protected.

Your Retirement

Your 401(k) and IRA accounts are safe.
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Bankruptcy is public, but also quiet.

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Bankruptcy is a relatively private process. We will work to help protect your privacy.
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Nicole Anderson, Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorney

Nicole Anderson

Principle Attorney & Owner

St. Paul, Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyers

Serving Rochester, the Twin Cities Metro, St. Cloud & Mankato

Nicole has devoted her practice and professional life to helping clients eliminate the pain and frustrations of overwhelming debt.  When clients call the office, they are often surprised to hear Nicole’s voice – when able she answers her own phone and is always responsible to clients’ questions and needs.

From her office in Forest Lake or meeting locations throughout Minnesota, Nicole Anderson Law assists both individuals and businesses overcome seemingly unmanageable debt concerns.  The protections offered through the U.S. Bankruptcy Code are powerful tools for people suffering to make minimum payments or who are overwhelmed with medical debt.  Through Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 debt relief options, Nicole has helped thousands of Minnesotans get a fresh financial start.  Contact Nicole Anderson Law right now to get started.

Personal Attention – Sound Advice

Clients contacting Nicole Anderson Law receive personal attention and sound advice from an experienced and informed attorney. Nicole evaluates each case, provides options about the best possible course of action, and communicates personally and directly with each client.

Nicole is not another “high-volume” firm or “bankruptcy mill”… you will not be a number or a case file. Nicole works closely with you to determine which debt relief “tool” will work best to fix your situation. She works closely with clients, has a light and easy to deal with demeanor and is a dedicated Minnesota Wild fan.   

Facing Financial Trouble?  Call Nicole Today

For most people facing financial difficulties, the first step is to determine their filing eligibility and decide whether a Chapter 7 (dissolution) or Chapter 13 (re-organization) best meets their circumstances. Nicole’s goal is to understand what is most important to you, and then find a plan to protect it. 

Being Harassed By Bill Collectors? 

Nicole is intimately familiar with client frustrations due to over-zealous collection agencies and works with clients to stop unwelcome creditor harassment. No matter how large the debt or how complex the financial situation may be, Nicole Anderson Law is there to help clients put credit card debt, medical bills, and seemingly unpreventable home foreclosure concerns behind them.

You can start your path towards financial relief by speaking with Nicole, an experienced bankruptcy attorney, who will help you understand the options for protection available to you under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Contact us now to get started.

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Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Facing major inflation, difficulties with credit (heightened annual fees, higher interest rates, late fees and over-the-limit penalties) and the general economic instability, many businesses find themselves in serious financial trouble. Nicole understands that your business is your livelihood, and will work tirelessly to create a more manageable financial situation while keeping you in full control of your business and related assets whenever possible.

Nicole Anderson Law, LLC works with construction and excavating companies, realtors and mortgage brokers, and other companies of all sizes that are facing financial trouble and contemplating bankruptcy. We offer timely, cost-sensitive advice and representation with a personal touch. Do not settle for a bankruptcy lawyer that makes you feel like a number. Our strength and motivation as a firm comes from the people that we work with and the lives that we touch on a daily basis.