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Who is Filing for Consumer Bankruptcy?


Who Is Filing for Consumer Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 Personal Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Central Minnesota

Our present national and state economies are making it difficult for many people to continue paying their debt obligations, which may include mortgages, medical bills, car payments and credit card bills.

Nicole Anderson Law, L.L.C. bankruptcy lawyers help clients from all “walks” of life, including many who fit into one of the following three categories:

Housing and/or Construction-Related Employees and Those Who Drive for Work

Largely because of the present housing/mortgage finance crisis, people who work in jobs related to the housing market such as mortgage brokers, financial advisers, homebuilders, construction workers, trades persons, contractors, re-modelers and pavers, are suffering.

Furthermore, the rising cost of fuel has been destructive to businesses and consumers whose work obligations require travel. Consumers such as tow truck drivers, independent truckers, haulers, taxi drivers, shipping company workers and in-home health aides have been hit especially hard by exorbitant energy costs.

People Facing Home Foreclosure

If you bought your house on an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) and were already struggling to make ends meet, an adjustment in your mortgage rate could be the last straw for your financial situation. We know that you have been suffering, and can help you analyze and resolve your financial burden through Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy.

People at Retirement Age Taking Care of Family Needs

A recent report by the AARP showed solid evidence that Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy is skyrocketing among working adults and seniors over the age of 55, many without appropriate opportunity to rebuild dwindled retirement portfolios. Hardworking folks approaching or at retirement age should be enjoying the fruits of their life-long careers, not finding themselves mired neck-deep in a pit of uncontrollable debt.

Questions about Bankruptcy?

At Nicole Anderson Law, L.L.C., we’re committed to finding debt relief solutions for all who call on us. We can provide answers in a free initial consultation. You can meet with a lawyer about your case in our Forest Lake office, or over the phone. Call (651) 464-8510 or click here to contact us via email.

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